Bodog Poker has been on business for over 5 years now and even though your money is safe at their site, the network lack liquidity.

One of the main problems Bodog has faced is increasing their critical mass which has caused a lot of players signing in and not being able to find enough games available.

One of the most important features of a poker sites is being able to offer every player a game that suits his bankroll and skill and unfortunately Bodog has not been able to do so.

In 2008 Bodog changed its business model and decided to offer its brand to licensees around the world.

Bodogs main licensee is the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, which runs, offering online gambling services in the U.S. while Bodog Europe operates in Europe and in Canada. Haydock Sports runs, servicing Asia.

The software is intuitive, eye-pleasing, secure and most importantly fast. Unlike some rooms, Bodog Poker also offers the full assortment of poker variations with Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and even Five-Stud available.

Overall players looking for loose games, good software and a fresh attitude will likely be right at home on Bodog Poker.


For the 30-day match bonus, $1 is credited for every 10 player points. To use for play on the site, no more points are needed. To withdraw however, the standard bonus rollover is in effect and a player must earn an extra 3 player points/$1.

Bodog Poker offers a loyalty system allowing all new players to start with 50 points. The points can be used in tournaments with real cash prizes. Players can accumulate Bodog Poker points three ways: contributing to a pot that is raked in ring games, playing in tournaments, and with overall time spent playing.

Points are awarded ranging from a maximum of one point when $1-$3 is paid in rake to a minimum of 0.10 points when 5¢-20¢ is paid. For tournaments, six points are awarded for every $1 in fees paid, so you will get 30 Bodog Poker points for entering a tournament with an entry cost of $55 (buy-in and fee).

Bodog Poker also offers a refer-a-friend bonus, where the referrer can earn up to $100 at 20% deposit match of the referral’s first deposit.


Bodog Poker hosts a ton of tournaments every day with buy-ins ranging from $1 all the way up to several hundred dollars. For the most part tournaments are busy, fast and offer good structures. As usual, players in the low buy-in tournaments are quite bad while the bigger tournaments offer some stronger competition.

Bodog Poker is most famous for its $100 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed tournament – an event praised for its good structure. Other tournaments where players can win big for small buy-ins are the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker qualifiers.

Bodog Poker offers plenty of free or almost-free tournaments also. The freerolls are mostly large multi-table No-Limit Hold’em tournaments and feature, as expected, exceptionally loose play.

Every day Bodog Poker runs $1,500 in guaranteed freerolls as an easy way to build your bankroll from scratch and they are immensely popular. There are also plenty of tournaments that can be entered using Bodog Poker Player Points.

Multi-table and sit-and-go tournaments entered with points usually pay out in tournament tokens or points.

Poker Software and Competition

Overall the software is solid and an upgrade when compared to many of the generic skins on the large poker networks.

The traffic is at its greatest at the lower stakes and the games vary from standard to very loose, frequently with a viewed-flop percentage reaching upwards of 50%-60%. This translates to juicy and loose games for the small-stakes player. In addition, you can normally find quite profitable No-Limit Hold’em games up to the $5/$10 limits.

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