p>Bluffing in poker is the reason why poker is considered a skill game, such as chess, rather than a game of chance. Bluffing is definitely a trick that a player has to master to solidify their chances of winning and becoming a skilled poker player, whether they are playing online or offline. A newbie (unskilled) player will generally follow the guidelines of playing strong hands, see the flop/river/turn for a chance to draw good cards, and fold pre-flop on weak pocket cards. This is a conservative way to play poker and will not allow a player to become at true poker shark.

Here are a few tips on how to become a better poker bluffer.

Poker Bluffing Tips

Making your opponent believe you have a stronger hand than them is the art of the master poker player, even when you have a weak hand. Its also possible to make them assume you have a weaker hand. Bluffing allows you to manipulate your opponents tricking them into believing what you want about the strength or weakness of your hand. Skill and preparation are keys to making a bluff in poker.

Two ways to set up a bluff at poker:

Consistent and predictable play.

Keeping consistent in your playing strategy can lull your opponents into a false sense of security in preparation for your bluff later on in the game. In the first few hands you need to ensure you play is predictable to your opponents. Begin your game by playing textbook poker. Play it safe and fold when you have a weak hand. Play a drawing hand by calling it but play slowly. When you have a hand thats a no-brainer play aggressively. Your opponents will get to know your playing technique ready for you to knock them out with your bluff.

Predictable play can also get you a reputation for being a tight player or a loose player at the table.

Unpredictable play.

Unpredictable player is the other end of the poker-playing spectrum. Guarding your reactions and gestures means your opponents will not know whether you have a good or bad hand. This type of play ensures they will never know that status of you hand or whether you are bluffing.

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